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COVID-19 Ventilator Support

As the world navigates the unprecedented challenge presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, GE HealthCare is committed to do all that is possible to serve our customers. To help navigate this crisis and ensure ventilators are maintained as quickly as possible to get these vital systems back into patient care, we will be providing access to the technical reference manual and PC service application for our Carescape R860 and Engstrom ventilators during the pandemic without the 4-day in-person training that GE HealthCare usually requires before providing such material.


Please note that while these resources will be provided without GE HealthCare's standard 4-day in-person training requirement, GE HealthCare strongly recommends that the procedures described in these resources should only be performed by trained service professionals. Maintenance should only be undertaken by service professionals who have knowledge of and experience with devices of this nature. No repairs should ever be undertaken or attempted by anyone not having such qualifications.

Note that the service manual is available in English only. If you require a language other than English, it is your responsibility to provide translation services. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SERVICE THE EQUIPMENT UNLESS THE SERVICE MANUAL HAS BEEN CONSULTED AND IS FULLY UNDERSTOOD. The preinstallation manual (PIM) is also provided in Brazilian Portuguese, French and Spanish.

GE HealthCare will make performance support videos accessible during this COVID-19 emergency at no cost.

We will also be providing access to the service manual for our iVent ventilators, for which end of service life was announced in August 2019. As a result, GE HealthCare no longer services or provides training or planned maintenance for these systems, and parts may not be available for these systems. Customers that continue to use iVent ventilators should ensure the systems are in good operating condition and only use parts that were validated for use with the system.

By clicking the PROCEED button below, you certify that you: (i) are a service professional that has been trained to service ventilator systems; (ii) will read the entire service manual and will service the GE HealthCare ventilator according to the instructions in the service manual; and (iii) are subject to the Terms and Conditions on this page.

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